Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a program for planning and managing many types of project: from one-off small event planning to running multiple construction projects with a shared workforce.

Our one-day comprehensive course for Beginners and Intermediate Project managers goes through the main processes of:

  • Setting Up Your Project

  • Setting Up the Task List, including linking tasks

  • Setting Up the Resources

  • Project Default Settings and Options

  • Assigning Resources to Tasks

  • Critical Tasks and the Critical Path

  • Viewing and Controlling Allocation of Resources

  • Working with Baselines and Interim Plans

  • Recording Progress Manually and Automatically

  • Dealing with Changes to the Overall Project

  • Working with Master and Subprojects

  • Creating and Working with Resource pools

  • Selecting and Modifying Different Views

  • Exporting from Project into other Applications

  • Setting Up and Printing Reports

  • Printing Views

  • Various Optional topics

The course lasts 6 hours, but we can negotiate a shorter or longer course if you wish.

Project - Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart View

Project - Filtered Calendar

Calendar filtered for specific resource

Project - Team Planner

Team Planner

Project - Work Overview Report

Work Overview Report

Project - Network Diagram

Network Diagram View

Project Cost Overview Report

Cost Overview Report