Onsite Training

Training at Your Premises

We can deliver training at premises all over Cornwall and some parts of Devon.  You can select one of our standard courses or ask us to deliver specific topics in a bespoke course.  The trainer will supply their own laptop; all you need is a large enough room with tables and chairs, a projector or large television for the trainer to display the training on and a computer (with Microsoft Office) for each delegate to use (ideally, the computers should be plugged into the mains for a full day course).

Training over the Internet

Online Interactive Training

We can offer remote training via the Internet using Zoom.  This training can still be fully interactive and personalised to your needs.  You can choose to cover a complete course or choose any number of topics from our objectives lists.

If you are new to using Zoom, we can guide you through the process.


If you would like training on an aspect of any of the applications, contact us and we can discuss how we might help you.  


Phone Ros Jago on: 01208 831849

Email: ros@cornwallcomputertraining.co.uk